About OAHP

The Ohio Association of Health Plans (OAHP) represents 14 member health plans providing health insurance coverage to more than 7.5 million Ohioans.  Ohio’s health plans include commercial insurers, Medicaid Care Coordination Plans, MyCare Plans, and Medicare Advantage Plans.

As the statewide trade association for the health insurance industry, the OAHP is a leading organization that actively promotes and advocates for quality health care benefits for all consumers in Ohio.

Philosophy of Care

We represent a philosophy of health care that emphasizes active partnerships between patients and their physicians.  We believe that comprehensive health care is best provided by networks of health care professionals who are willing to be held accountable for the quality of their services and the satisfaction of their patients.  We are committed to high standards of quality and professional ethics, and to the principle that patients come first.

  • We believe that patients should have the right care, at the right time, in the right setting.  This includes comprehensive care for acute and chronic illnesses, as well as preventive care – in the hospital, at the doctor’s office, and at home.  We believe all health care professionals should be held accountable for the quality of the services they provide and for the satisfaction of their patients.
  • We believe that patients should have a choice within their health plans of physicians who meet high standards of professional training and experience – and that informed choice, and the freedom to change physicians, are essential to building active partnerships between patients and doctors.
  • We believe that health care decisions should be the shared responsibility of patients, their families, and health care professionals, and we encourage physicians to share information with patients on their health status, medical conditions, and treatment options.
  • We believe that consumers have a right to information about health plans and how they work.
  • We believe working with people to keep them healthy is as important as making them well.  We value prevention as a key component of comprehensive care – reducing the risks of illness and helping to treat small problems before they can become more severe.
  • We believe that access to affordable, comprehensive care gives consumers the value they expect and contributes to the peace of mind that is essential to good health.